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A Father’s Day to Remember

My late Father, John “Mr. RPV” McTaggart and myself racing side by side at California Speedway in NASCAR type high performance vehicles.  He is passing me in the 12 car.  We had just come screaming out of turn 4 at Cali and were heading down the front straightaway when I heard my Dad coming off the throttle for a split second, I reacted by glancing over only to see him flipping me the bird and now passing me to beat me across the start finish line.  Lesson learned; “Old age and treachery always wins over youth and enthusiasm!”

This is my Father passing me at the start-finish line at California speedway

I will always be indebted to the Richard Petty Experience team for letting us have at it that day.  My Dad had been through chemo and radiation the day before and no one expected him to make the 80 laps let alone be able to muscle that car the way he did.

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